Genetics Lesson

Step 1 - Download the handout for the Heredity and Genetics Activity

Step 2 - Pick a partner nearby to complete the Heredity and Genetics Activity. Circle the answer that best describes you on the worksheet downloaded in step 1. We want this activity to be an exploration into Genetics. No in depth explanations will be given on the subject right now. Go to this web site by clicking the link provided. Read all directions posted on this web site. You have 10 minutes to complete this activity.

Step 3 - Now, download the Inspiration 6.0 template that is needed for an activity later in our Web Quest. Click here to download the Inspiration template named Genetic Testing. 

Windows Lesson Throughout our activity we will switch between programs. Pressing <ALT> <TAB> will allow you to flip between windows (Inspiration and the web browser). Give it a try.

Step 4 A situation has arisen in Congress, SHOULD GENETIC FINGERPRINTING BE MANDATORY FOR ALL NEWBORNS IN THE UNITED STATES? Click on the following link to become a member of the Applied Genetics Testing Committee and begin your quest: Human Genome WebQuest

Other documents used within our lesson:


Lesson Plan

Video Clip - Informatics Meets Genomics

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