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ThinkQuest's Explorers of the Millennium Altapedia Online The PBS Kids Democracy Project Onward with Lewis and Clark Time for Kids
Revolutionary Map  Collection National Geographic GeoBee The White House Flight to Freedom Weekly Reader

Civil War Homepage

  The American Presidency Jamestown Online Adventure Carnegie Museum Online Exhibits
American Revolution USGS Educational Sites

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History Mystery

Consumer Reports for Kids

Early America
Short Movies on Noteworthy Events U.S. Government

Virtual Field Trips

GeoNet Game

East Ward  History Page
Links for Explorers, Colonial American, Revolutionary War, etc.

Stately Knowledge

The Money Factory

TramLine Virtual Field Trips


NystromNet's Social Studies Resources

EROS Data Center
Aerial, Map, Elevation, Satellite, Land Cover
Ben's Guide to US Government  for Kids GOALS The White House for Kids

ProTeacher Social Studies Page

US Census Bureau Mapping Service      Virtual Field Trip



Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Online Exhibits

Terra Server  

Virtual Field Trips 



National Atlas
Make your own maps - add layers



Louisiana Links

Planet Earth Guide




Louisiana Information for Students

GNIS Databases




Louisiana History





Civil War in Louisiana





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