Teacher's guide for The Human Genome WebQuest

by St. Charles Parish


Use this WebQuest to help 7 - 9 Science students learn about Human Genome. The goal is to get students engaging in critical thinking.


Main Topic: Human Genome
Subtopics: genetics
Grade Level: 7 - 9
Subject(s): Science
Learning Goal: engaging in critical thinking

Vision and Reality

If the learning goal were achieved in the most ideal of perfect worlds it would look something like:

However, what I anticipate probably looks more like:

The What - If Inventory

To give the activity its best chance at helping students learn, I assembled this list of possible resources:


LS-M-B3 describing how heredity allows parents to pass certain traits to offspring.
LS-M-B2 describing the role of chromosomes and genes in heredity;
LS-M-A7 describing communicable and non-communicable diseases.
LS-M-A6 describing how the human body changes with age and listing factors that affect the length and quality of life;
LS-H-G4 exploring current research on the major diseases with regard to cause, symptoms, treatment, prevention, and cure;
LS-H-G3 explaining the role of the immune system in fighting disease; LS-H-G2 contrasting how organisms cause disease;
LS-H-G1 relating fitness and health to longevity;
LS-H-B4 exploring advances in biotechnology and identifying possible positive and negative effects.
LS-H-B3 describing the transmission of traits from parent to offspring
and the influence of environmental factors on gene expression;
LS-H-B2 comparing and contrasting mitosis and meiosis;
LS-H-B1 explaining the relationship among chromosomes, DNA, genes, RNA, and proteins;

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